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How to Teach Zen in a College Classroom

Chang-Seong Hong
Minnesota State University–Moorhead


Writer: Dharma Master Bogeom
(Dr. Lee Chi-ran)


photo1: Seon Master Seorak Musan Cho Oh-hyun with seon monks at Shinhungsa temple.

photo2: Josil(patriarchal master) gives a Dharma talk at the Gyulje(summer retreat)ceremony

photo3: Seon students are passing through Dharma sword house(meditation hall).

Seon(zen) Meditation Retreat


Writer: Dharma Master Bogeom
(Dr. Lee Chi-ran)

photo 1: Signboard: Mt.Seorak Gate for the Original Place of Jogye Order Seon(zen) Meditation

photo2: Opening Patriarchal Master of The Gaji San School(迦智山), National Master Doeui.

photo 3: National Master Doeui stayed in Jinjeonsa temple.

photo 4: National Master Doeui’s tomb stupa at Jinjeonsa temple.

Seorak Sanmun(Mt Seorak Gate) for the Origination of Jogye


Korean Seon(zen) 韓國禪

Dharma Talk at the End of Three Months Meditation Retreat Days
Mugum Seonwon(Meditation Hall) at Baekdamsa Monastery


Venerable Bhante Chao Chu

the Abbot of Rosemead Buddhist Monastery and the president of the Los Angeles Buddhist Union (LABU).



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